Teach Kids to Clean Their Rooms and Turn Them Into Better Individuals

There are a lot of families that are struggling to keep their homes clean and organized. This is typical, especially if there are kids involved. Toys are scattered everywhere, dishes piled up in the kitchen sink, and you find it challenging to look for things because your house is chaotic.

If you happen to be a full-time housewife, things can be very challenging. You are in charge of taking care of the budget as well as keeping everything at home in order. But did you know that you can lessen your burden by teaching your kids to clean their bedroom? Here is a step by step guide on how to teach them to clean correctly and efficiently.

What are the advantages of teaching kids how to clean their bedroom?

  • You are teaching them to become independent.
  • They become more responsible.
  • Lesser stress on your end.
  • It makes them perform better in school.
  • It makes them feel more empowered and confident.

How to teach your kids to clean their bedroom at an early age:

  • Start them young. It is okay to start giving small responsibilities to your kids at an early age. You can begin teaching your toddler’s how to clean. Start teaching them to pick up their toys and return them to their proper places. You can also teach them how to put dirty clothes in the hamper and sweep the floor. Be extra patient when demonstrating each task until they have mastered everything that you have taught them.
  • Set expectations. Many people think that it is normal for teenagers to have messy rooms because it is what they usually see on TV and in movies. However, this should not be the norm that is why, as a parent, it is your job to set the right expectations when it comes to cleaning their personal space. Give them a list of the things that they need to do, such as the following:

– fix the bed first thing in the morning

– change the sheets and pillowcases weekly

– segregate dirty clothes and socks

– fold and hang their clothes

– vacuum and wipe surfaces

Also, it would help to discuss the possible consequences if they are not able to fulfil their duties. Kids have to be accountable for their actions for them to grow up as responsible adults.

Show them how to clean their closets

Having made to measure wardrobes inside each bedroom helps a lot in keeping your home organized. However, your kids will tend to stuff all of their belongings in a disorderly manner. That is why you should make it a habit to conduct a spot check on your kid’s closet to see how organized they are. It would not hurt to take some time to teach them how to clean their closets the right way because you are doing this for their benefit.

Lastly, do not forget to praise your kids for making an effort to clean their bedroom. Consider this as an achievement on their end.


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