What Improvements to the Exterior of your Home are Important?

When people are completing home improvement projects, it is very common for them to concentrate on the interior but sometimes put the exterior to a back seat.  This is usually because they spend a lot of the time inside the house, however, sometimes the outside of the house without improvements can have a negative effect.  This could include impacts on the house value, stability, or infrastructure or even just the overall impression others may have on your home.

Rather than focus on interior improvement projects, we have pulled together a few things that people could focus on with the externals (some impact both).  Here are some things to consider below.


The windows are one of these things that effect both the internal and the external of the home.  Most modern homes will have good double glazed windows installed within them as this becomes a high priority for people. Not only for the reasons of keeping heat in and the cold out but for security.  To keep daylight coming into the home, a consideration could be is to install Velux windows. These types of windows are ones that you would normally see in places such as loft conversions or garage conversions. Having daylight in the home is important for peoples mood / mental health and these innovative windows will support this. In addition to this, they look pretty nifty and get the thumbs up from most home-owners.



Although people will normally only spend a lot of time in their garden during the warmer months in the UK, the condition and space in a garden is usually something that is up on the priority list.  Sometimes people neglect their garden as it could be in the “difficult” bucket, but this does not have to be the case.  In terms of improvements, some people may decide to get rid of their standard grass and replace with artificial.  This then requires minimum upkeep.  Alternatively, they may decide to go for decking which is far more popular nowadays.  The installation of something like this is also not very expensive and rates are usually competitive.  If you go all out in terms of installing lots of plants, trees, shrubs and even ponds; it is important to remember that this must be maintained.  If you do not have the energy or drive to do this, hire a gardener.


People sometimes have several doors to their home which can include front door, back door, side door and even patio doors.  In order to keep heat in, it is important that these are to a good standard.  For the exterior of the doors some people may paint these in bright colours (like the picture) and others will decide to keep these basic (white as standard).  Remember to upkeep the exterior of the doors where required with a lick of paint.


Making sure focus is put on the outside of the home is just as important as the focus on the inside – especially if you are looking to maintain or increase the home value or looking to sell in the future.


Image: Pixabay