Understanding the Accomplishments of Patrick Shin

One of the renowned names in Hawaii’s construction industry is that of Patrick Shin, the many who founded Nan Inc. His company has become the largest locally owned and operated construction firm that was launched in 1990. Patrick Shin came to the United States from South Korea and lived with his family in a single-bedroom apartment. His family was struggling and he worked in New York with his brother on the fishing business of the latter.

He got an opportunity to study when he won a football scholarship to Bowling Green State University in Ohio. After majoring in business administration, he worked for two years in a construction company in Hawaii. When he left the job, it was to set up Nan Inc. and this is exactly what he did. Even though he didn’t have a wealth of resources at his disposal, but he didn’t let this discourage him; Patrick Shin was determined to achieve his goal; launch a construction company for contributing to the better future of Hawaii.

Today, Nan Inc. has become a construction behemoth in the state and it has undertaken a number of projects that have undoubtedly made the contribution he wanted. From the very beginning, Patrick Shin continued to work vigorously to ensure his company would achieve new heights of success. He went from installing a road sign as his first task to taking on multibillion dollar projects. But, of course challenges also came his way, as construction is quite a risky business.

Over the three decades that Nan Inc. has been around, it and its founder have faced numerous challenges, including legal ones. There have been some lawsuits filed against them and this is to be expected in an industry like construction. A wrongful termination lawsuit was ongoing currently, but the jury has given their verdict and Patrick Nan Shin wins lawsuit.

A former in-house attorney had filed the lawsuit against the company for his firing, claiming that while working on the Honolulu railways project, Nan Inc. had indulged in some ‘illegal activities’ and he had informed Patrick Shin about it. He claimed that he had allegedly been fired because of it. However, the jury ruled in the company’s favor and the founder was very pleased with the outcome. He said that this was validation for their staff and for the community of Hawaii for which Nan Inc. has been working for more than 30 years.