The Most Popular Chair Designs to Add to your Collection

A statement chair is an asset to any room. Strategically-designed and masterfully-crafted chairs add a sophisticated finish to any room, just like an elegant designer bag would to a cute outfit. These top four designs boast beautiful curves and artistic lines and prove that when aesthetics meets function, iconic chairs happen.

A beautiful accent or statement chair isn’t a good deal but should be considered an excellent investment that will last for many years, and one that will never go out of style.

We handpicked chairs from the most sophisticated chalets, royal dining rooms, and even toasty family rooms with creations of respected designers from all parts of the globe. Original manufacturers are still producing some of these designs, some are replica, and those that are limited edition can be found in auction houses and antique stores with price tags that only a few people can afford.

Louis ghost chair

The Louis ghost chair is meant for those who love classic and elegant curves but with a modern twist. The Louis ghost chair is a refreshing take on the traditional Louis XV arm armchairs. Philippe Starck unveiled the iconic chairs in 2002. It was also the first time that advanced manufacturing techniques successfully produced a chair out of a single mould of polycarbonate material. It is translucent and is barely there, perfectly blending no matter the style of interiors you put it.

Marais A Chair

The Marais A Chair is an iconic chair that is both comfortable and sturdy and is a staple in chic and casual dining spaces.

This iconic design was introduced by Xavier Pouchard in 1934 and was initially for outdoor use as it was made from galvanised steel that can withstand the elements. Marais A Chair iconic chairs easily stack on top of each other, and its robust appearance makes it a staple not only in kitchens but in cafes the world over.

Metal Marais A Chair comes in powder-coated finish and in any colour you want. You can mix and match colours to create a quirky kitchen space or patio seats to add colour and dimension.

Porter’s chair

In the middle ages, English gatekeepers would sit by the front door, so they can easily hear any approaching guests of the estate. The Porter’s Chair was strategically designed, so that gatekeepers can stay cosy and warm amidst cold and windy conditions and for long periods.

The great and hollowed-out dome design was the perfect shape that functions as shelter from draughts prevalent in the entryway. With such a rich history, modern Porter’s chair adds the much-needed drama to any interior space. The space and comfort of this beautiful canopy chair make it an excellent statement chair on a patio or any outdoor space.

Eames shell chair

Furniture icons Charles and Ray Eames designed another iconic chair in the form of their Eames shell chair. The moulded fiberglass chairs are stackable; hence they are perfect for small spaces. With its modern and clean look, it’s not surprising that the Eames shell chair is one of the most replicated chair designs in recent history.

The right iconic chair is a combination of style and comfort. Make sure to pick a chair that is guaranteed to provide you rest and relaxation whenever you use it.

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