If one is lucky to have a garden that is big enough to have full size trees in, he/she will know what a joy he/she is to have. Fruit trees are especially a great choice if one has a room and the time to pick the fruit. However, at times branches or trees have to be removed due to old age, dangerous position, redesigning or landscaping. Knowing how to remove a tree is quit important and there are many advantages and disadvantages.

First it’s always important for one to consider his/her safety when attempting to remove a tree or cut some branches. Normally there are companies that specialize in this kind of work and they are not expensive as people think. They are also experienced and insured so one does not have to worry that his/her member of family or greenhouse will be smashed to pieces by falling branches, in this case its always safety first.

When one is removing a full tree, he/she must first remove as many of the branches as possible if the canopy is large. He/she will also need a sturdy ladder and a good quality saw or chainsaw .Tie the rope around larger branches before he start to remove them and have someone on the ground to guide the limb as it falls. Heavier branches can be removed by constructing a pulley/lever system with the string slung over another branch above which will help the descent of any heavy pieces.

Once the majority of the branches of the tree are down, one can move on to chopping the tree itself. But he/she needs to remember that the trunk is larger than it not hesitate to contact the companies that are specialized in this kind of work when you want to remove a tree or unwanted branches.