How To Tell If You Have a Bad Paint Job

Bad paint jobs get that way because the painter tries to cut corners. Bad painters will skimp on paint, and opt for the cheapest and often low-quality paint products. They do not spend quality time preparing the surface before painting. If you have a house painting job, hire only qualified interior house painting services. Using advanced tools and equipment, they will remove stubborn grime and take the time to prepare the surface before paint application.

After a bad paint job, the paint job peels off easily. This is because the painter skipped important steps while prepping the surface, and made use of low-quality paint. If your interior wall paints are peeling off, then you need to contact a professional who specializes in interior house painting services and restoration jobs. Their expertise will come in handy if you want the new paint to properly adhere.

What To Do?

Dealing with a new paint job gone wrong? What’s the next line of action to take? Obviously, you hired a bad painter for the first job because you were reluctant in performing background checks on the painter. The best way to fix a bad painting job is to hire professional contractors that guarantee high-quality interior house painting services.

Unfortunately, if you’ve initially signed a paint job contract that does not include a warranty and things eventually go wrong a few weeks after job completion, it’s unlikely that they will fix any errors or damages. In other words, you have to hire another contractor to restore the looks of your interior, resulting in additional expenses.

In your quest to find a licensed and insured paint contractor, consider these few pointers

Do Due Diligence: Take the time to get detailed information about your preferred painting contractor. Ask for references and if possible reach out to a few and ask about their experience with the company. A good painting company is expected to respond to your queries swiftly and in detail. They should explain what will be included in your project from the cleaning stage to the end of the painting project, after physically inspecting the affected area.


A good painter does not skimp on paints. They choose the best, and highest quality paint products. Also, they can tell which paint type will work best on your wall surface. In addition, they are equipped with the right tools, resources, and skill set to get the paint job done.

Cost of Fixing a Bad Paint Job

Fortunately, you found a painter who transforms the looks of your home at the lowest rate, but the big question is, how long will it last? The truth of the matter is that these low-quality painting services aren’t even worth the low fees, so you will most likely need to repaint the wall surface a bit sooner.

The cost of a quality paint job differs from one painter to another. If you don’t want to end up paying more in the long run, hire a trusted and qualified interior house painting service provider that charges competitive pricing.