How to Prevent/Remove Spots and Pet Urine from Oriental Rugs?

Having an Oriental rug or any other carpeting on your home flooring enhances the beauty and elegance of the room. A plush carpet also feels great under the legs. However, if you have a pet at home, having pet urine on the rug is common. Pet urine causes many problems, including contamination of the area rug and carpet fibers, an unhealthy indoor environment, bad odor, and so on. Along with these concerns, permanent damage can be caused to the rug’s surface if the pet urine is not cleaned. Pet urine on Oriental rugs presents two primary problems: pH levels and bacteria growth. First, the urine is acidic with a pH ranging between 5-6.  When cleaned immediately, it can be removed easily with proper steps (see below for steps you can take). As the urine dries and gets deposited, however, bacteria start accumulating and feeding. At this point, the pH turns to the alkaline side of the scale and reaches a level of 10-12. Removing the urine becomes difficult as the problems compound. The urine oxidizes and causes permanent discoloration of the rug fibers, leading to staining.

Removing Urine from an Oriental Rug

Oriental rug cleaning for pet urine should be done as soon as possible. Preferably, it should be done instantly before it reaches the interior fiber layers of the area rug or the carpet. However, if the urine is left for days, there is no other alternative than contacting a company offering services of Oriental rug cleaning in Atlanta.

Cleaning Urine from an Oriental Rug Yourself

If you are looking for immediate and emergency pet urine removal, there is a simple do-it-yourself method that you can try. This method is tried and tested and shows effective results as well. Invest in a small spot removal machine or a wet vacuum as they are affordable and very useful. They are handy and portable and convenient to use. It is best to remove the urine when it is fresh as you can remove it completely. Use the wet vacuum for pulling out the urine from the rug until no more urine comes out. Once done, make a solution of plain, cold water and 50% white vinegar; and apply it copiously on the area affected by urine. The rug will be wet, but don’t worry about that. Let the solution sit for some time before you vacuum it out thoroughly. If needed, repeat the process so that there are no traces of pet urine even in the smallest fibers of the area rug. As you have the wet vacuum, don’t worry about wetting the rug with the solution; the wet vacuum will pull out excess moisture.

If you don’t have a wet vacuum, no problem; try using bath towels as absorbent cushions. Instead of vacuuming, the towel will absorb the urine and the solution. This is an arduous process, but your area rug can be saved using this method. Make sure to wash the towels in the washing machine thoroughly to remove all traces of urine.

When At-home Cleaning Won’t Work

If the urine is more than one day old, make no hesitations in calling up a company offering Oriental rug cleaning services in your area. They have the right equipment to remove urine stain and odor from the rug completely.

If you do not have the time to deal with a messy rug, fret not. S&S Rug Cleaners, Inc. can help clean and preserve your rug. Call us today at 404-355-2126.