How to open a cleaning company which provides crime scene cleanup, blood spill cleanup service or biohazard cleanup service

How to open a cleaning company which provides crime scene cleanup, blood spill cleanup service or biohazard cleanup service.

Extreme” cleaning of premises is a service that is becoming more and more in demand every year due to the rapid increase of the crime rates around the world. Cleaning companies clearly understand the current trends and are trying to adapt their services to the needs of customers which require the specific services like blood spill cleanup service or crime scene cleanup.

If several years ago this type of cleaning was not in great demand and cleaning services mostly included regular cleaning, nowadays more and more cleaning companies start specializing in providing blood spill cleanup service and disinfection throughout the world. What’s more, more and more entrepreneurs are thinking about setting up cleaning business.

What you need to do to open a cleaning company.

Company office

When it come to the location of the office of a start-up cleaning company, nowadays it doesn’t matter where this office will be located. One doesn’t need to make it luxurious with expensive office furniture either. All management of the company can work from home and some functions like accounting or marketing can be easily outsourced. Over time, when there will be a lot of orders, it is possible to expand the office by equipping workplaces for managers and a reception. Meetings with clients can also be held either online or telephone. What is important to have is storage rooms or warehouses for storing equipment and household chemicals, which you might have in huge quantities if you want to offer blood spill cleanup service or suicide cleanup service.

Staff Recruitment

Cleaning has become a high-tech process: special equipment and a variety of chemicals are used that’s why modern cleaners are strikingly different from those we are used to seeing. So before getting down to work, your employees must be trained, which means to learn how to work with cleaning machines, choose the right products depending on the characteristics of the surfaces, as well as the type and degree of pollution. Moreover, when it comes to blood spill cleanup service, your staff must be also psychologically prepared to do this kind of job.

The number of employees depends on the expected volume of work. On average, one cleaning specialist should have 500–900 sq. meters of area. So you need to hire workers as permanent orders appear.

You also need to understand that the staff turnover in this area is quite high, and therefore it is better to immediately entrust the selection of personnel to an experienced HR manager. If you plan to hire migrants, you need to immediately settle all possible formalities and act in accordance with the law in order to protect yourself from possible fines.

It is also necessary to conduct a safety training, since blood spill cleanup service involves dealing with potentially hazardous and contaminated items.


Equipment plays a pivotal role for a cleaning company because both the speed and quality of cleaning will depend on its choice. In order to get started, you will need:

o a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning;

o a machine for cleaning carpets;

o a floor cleaning machine;

o a washing machine;

o a special cleaning trolleys with buckets, garbage bag holders and a wringer;

o buckets, mops, napkins, rags, etc.

In addition, you need to purchase consumables: detergents and cleaners for flooring, glass, carpets and textiles, plumbing; effective stain removers polishes and disinfectants.

When planning your business, you need to keep in mind that the more services your company provides, the faster the investment will pay off. In any case, cleaning as a business can be classified as a profitable business, so if this service is in demand in your city, and the market is not oversaturated, you can safely proceed to the implementation of the project.