Crime Scene Cleaning Company: Protecting Properties With Sentimental Values

After an unfortunate event that led to the death of a loved one, detectives and other law enforcement agents swing into action. After concluding their investigation and the body has left the building, the crime scene is left to the surviving family member. A crime scene in a private residence where bereaved family members may live requires the special cleaning antics offered only by a crime scene cleaning company.

Many people ask, don’t law enforcement agents clean up after a crime scene or suicide? No, they don’t because it is not their job. Back in the day, some detectives volunteer to assist grieving families with the cleanup. Today, some technicians specialize in crime scene cleaning services. Cleaning up after a crime scene or suicide isn’t an easy task. You are either bothered about the gory sight or the unpleasant smells.

How to Deal with Damaged Valuable Items?

There are a few basic rules that that must be followed when dealing with damaged items. However, these rules can be fine-tuned to the unique needs of the company. Oftentimes, a crime scene cleaning company deals with residents, hence the need to give priority to biohazardous waste disposal. Each state has its own rules and regulations for biohazardous waste. For instance, Texas writes all biomedical waste disposal laws for healthcare facilities. Some states admonish that biomedical waste should be treated as biohazardous waste. In this case, facilities should have a dedicated medical waste box on site.

However, there are some ways around it. If you have a luxury couch with a drop of blood on it, that doesn’t make it useless. You don’t have to condemn it completely as it can still be remediated. The technicians can remove the bloodstain on the couch using an advanced cleaning agent.

Another important item that has great value to the homeowner is the wedding gown. A blood-stained wedding gown following a suicide in the home is one of the most treasured belongings to the surviving wife. Why can’t you save it rather than dispose of it? Using an enzymatic cleaner for blood can help revive the wedding gown. A crime scene cleaning company should try as much as possible to be emphatic and judgmental especially when dealing with items with sentimental value. The same applies to a wedding album with blood on the cover. Since the album contents are safe, the only biohazard is the album cover and it should be treated as such.

Friendly Blood and Stranger Blood: What Are They?

Most crime scene cleaning companies apply the principle of ‘friendly blood’ and ‘stranger blood’ during the course of their work.

For instance, it will be hard to dispose of a gift item stained with the victim’s blood. Since the departed has been a part of the family, it is safe to consider the stain as friendly blood, hence there is little to no health risk involved since the surviving family already knows the health status of the deceased.

Stranger blood, on the other hand, is the blood of a stranger. For instance, an intruder who broke in through a window and got injured in the process, resulting in bloodstains on valuable items. In this case, the item will be treated just like every other biohazardous item.