Covid-19: A Rise in the Rate of Unattended Death

With so many people living alone in Chattanooga, a southeastern city in Tennessee, it is a sad reality that some individuals, especially the aged and feeble ones pass away without no one by their side. And with the coronavirus pandemic mandating everyone to self-isolate for at least two weeks, there is a greater risk of losing loved ones without anyone knowing for an extended period of time. when you discover an unattended death, do not attempt to clean the area yourself. Homicide cleanup service Chattanooga TN takes care of unattended death cleanup amongst others.

Many people who die without the knowledge of other people are either found through a concerned fellow reaching out to the police or due to the death odor that emanates from the decomposed body. In the case of a death odor, the first responder will first knock on the door and if no one responds as expected, they will break in or find an alternative means of entry. If an unattended death is discovered at the site, the police will evacuate the body to a safer facility while an investigation is ongoing. As soon as the crime scene is released to the property owner or tenant, the next line of action is the cleaning and decontaminating of the area. Unattended death cleanup should be done speedily as bodily fluids and other biohazards found on the site can be highly infectious. More importantly, the cleanup should be done by a professional homicide cleanup service Chattanooga TN.

Why Unattended Death Rate Is Increase

With many people living on their own coupled with the health risk associated with contracting the coronavirus, it is not hard to see why many people die with no one knowing. Some of the factors contributing to this increase include the following

Contracting COVID-19

With the number of people positive for COVID-19 increasing by the day and death cases on the rise, checking on your loved ones is crucial at this critical time. Some people in Tennesse might be positive for coronavirus without even knowing it. This set of people are at even greater risks if they live alone as no one might even know when they pass on.

No One Visiting

The coronavirus has made it difficult for loved ones to check in on one another. Under normal circumstances, people schedule in-person visits to check on their loved ones and neighbors, staying aware of their health condition and general wellbeing. With the clamor to maintain social distance even from loved ones, people may die as a result of contracting coronavirus. While some die a natural death, others may commit suicide since they are always alone in their home with no one checking on them. More so, it might take an even longer time to discover their lifeless body in their home.

Make it a responsibility to check on your loved ones regularly. You do not have to schedule an in-person visit to be aware of their wellbeing, a little phone call can be a lifesaver. And if you are faced with an unattended death, leave the cleaning job to trained professionals in homicide cleanup service Chattanooga TN and other related services.