Many would want to build or maybe buy their own houses. But, have you considered renting a house. Although it looks hectic and not so much prestigious, renting a house has its own convenience. Below are some of the advantages of renting rather than buying a house.

No maintenance Cost

Yes, zero maintenance cost. All the liability is pushed to the landlord. Your main job is just to pay up the rent and enjoy your stay. You need not worry about replacing anything or regular renovation of the property.


As opposed to home ownership, renting a home does not tie you to one geographical location. Say for example you get a job transfer, you will only worry about getting a moving company to help you relocate. Maybe you rented a fully furnished house, all you’ll need to carry is just a few belongings.

Not much Capital needed

Home owners have to meet a certain threshold of capital before they build or buy a home. For those looking to rent a home you just need to find an affordable real estate agent then you are good to go. Here is a Rental Guide for Pattaya Thailand that will give you a list of rentals within your budget.

Vast Amenities at your disposal

Rentals normally come with other amenities such as gyms, playground and swimming pools. By the virtue of you renting the home you will get access to these facilities. This will save you the cost of paying to use such services.

Minimal Insurance cost

A renter’s insurance policy is cheaper than homeowner’s insurance policy. The renter only needs to cover his valuables such as electronics and furniture. On the other hand, the homeowner needs to insure the whole property.

Exemption from real estate taxes

This quite straight forward, you do not own the home, why then pay real estate taxes? Home owners have to regularly pay real estate taxes unlike tenants who only worry about the rent.

Most probably you have now reconsidered owning a home. To save you the hassle of looking for rentals, check out Rental Guide for Pattaya Thailand. Get yourself the ideal rental house that meet your needs.