3 Tips for Homeowners before Installing the Home Electricity System

Have you ever thought to install the electricity system at home by yourself? It is very possible mainly if you have some experiences or, at least, knowledge related to it. In case, you don’t have them, hiring a residential electrician is still the best answer. Make sure to choose the best electrician near your house so that the result is more satisfying.

More importantly, whether you hire it or do it by yourself, you still need the basic knowledge and insight into the installation of the home electric system. This way, you can avoid bad things happened like the local electric failure or not-enough power used for the entire home living. What are the points included in the basic-knowledge thing of electricity installation? Check them out.

Measuring the Building’s Size

Despite using the measuring service from the technician, it is recommended also to do it yourself first. If you have known the exact size, it is much better for sure. The main purpose of this activity is to know how long the cables needed as a way to install the electric system.

What to measure is not the entire building only but also the rooms? The measurement of each room lets us know the estimation of cable used, lamps to install, fitting, and switches. It helps you a lot in the future to be more effective in using electric devices also. The power applied will not be too much but also not lacking.

The Number of Rooms at Home

The number of rooms at home is another important thing to pay attention to before installing the electric system. It is to know how many electric sockets needed. Moreover, in a big room, you may need to install more lamps and sockets. Of course, you must take note of this matter and report it to the electrician.

Make sure also to know what rooms mostly used and what others which are not. For examples, the living room and the bedroom are probably rooms in which the homeowners may spend their time more often there. It means that electricity usage there tends to be more than other rooms. It is different from the warehouse that may not need even a lamp.

The Electricity Power Needed

Knowing how much the electricity power needed is also a very important thing to do. It is basically to enable you or the electrician to determine the size of MCB. What is MCB? It stands for Miniature Circuit Breaker anyway. For a house that is quite big on some floors, the electricity installation should be divided into some parts with some MCBs. It is not bad even to have around 3 or 4 installation systems in a house.

This technique gives you some benefits. One of them is to ease you more in fixing the damage of the electricity at home. If there is damage in a certain part, some rooms included in the part may experience the electricity failure. But other rooms are still safe and you can do your activities there more safely.