Understanding the Accomplishments of Patrick Shin

One of the renowned names in Hawaii’s construction industry is that of Patrick Shin, the many who founded Nan Inc. His company has become the largest locally owned and operated construction firm that was launched in 1990. Patrick Shin came to the United States from South Korea and lived with his family in a single-bedroom apartment. His family was struggling and he worked in New York with his brother on the fishing business of the latter.

He got an opportunity to study when he won a football scholarship to Bowling Green State University in Ohio. After majoring in business administration, he worked for two years in a construction company in Hawaii. When he left the job, it was to set up Nan Inc. and this is exactly what he did. Even though he didn’t have a wealth of resources at his disposal, but he didn’t let this discourage him; Patrick Shin was determined to achieve his goal; launch a construction company for contributing to the better future of Hawaii.

Today, Nan Inc. has become a construction behemoth in the state and it has undertaken a number of projects that have undoubtedly made the contribution he wanted. From the very beginning, Patrick Shin continued to work vigorously to ensure his company would achieve new heights of success. He went from installing a road sign as his first task to taking on multibillion dollar projects. But, of course challenges also came his way, as construction is quite a risky business.

Over the three decades that Nan Inc. has been around, it and its founder have faced numerous challenges, including legal ones. There have been some lawsuits filed against them and this is to be expected in an industry like construction. A wrongful termination lawsuit was ongoing currently, but the jury has given their verdict and Patrick Nan Shin wins lawsuit.

A former in-house attorney had filed the lawsuit against the company for his firing, claiming that while working on the Honolulu railways project, Nan Inc. had indulged in some ‘illegal activities’ and he had informed Patrick Shin about it. He claimed that he had allegedly been fired because of it. However, the jury ruled in the company’s favor and the founder was very pleased with the outcome. He said that this was validation for their staff and for the community of Hawaii for which Nan Inc. has been working for more than 30 years.

What Kind of Problems Can a Real Estate Lawyer Prevent- Learn from Asaf Izhak Rubin

Many problems can arise in a real estate deal and so many aspects can fall to tarnish your profits and real estate career. While it is eminent that many financial markets and industries suffer from fraudulent and illegal activities, the cases of real estate market come bearing high financial losses.

While many people hope that buying their dream family home will be a smooth process, many times it isn’t. Why is that? Generally, residential and commercial real estate deals can encounter various bottlenecks which can make the time of those involved in the deals and transactions a nightmare.

Also, buying or selling a home may be a once or twice-in-a-lifetime activity, unless you are a residential real estate tycoon. Therefore, having a real estate lawyer by your side can help you breathe easily while you sign the deals and perform financial transactions.

Uncertain Risks in Real Estate Deals

Asaf Izhak Rubin suggests that handling real estate disputes is the specialty of nearly every real estate lawyer there is. Why is that? Often the terms and conditions of an agreement might not appear favorable to a third-party after some time of acceptance or reviewing. This can cause them to work and deal against the clauses and signed documents such as the attempt to sell the property to another buyer for a higher or lower price.

In such cases, real estate disputes can sky rocket to unexpected heights. Therefore, real estate lawyers know their way around everything and can perform some of the most needed actions that will save you, your property and your money on time. Moreover, there are always the risks in uncertain real estate property deals such as those including old properties or auctions.

In case, a real estate lawyer can help you deal with the uncertainties and draft extremely safe and sound contracts for your end of the deals. Hence, ensuring maximum protection of your assets without high-risks of legal liability issues.

Formation of Legal Documents and Processing

As you might know, legal documents are part of huge transactions that take place in the entirety of the real estate market. But did you know that handling all the legal jargon that comes along with all the legal documents, agreements, contracts, and deeds is not easy? In fact, some of the legal jargon like which is in the title documents can leave you confused if you have never attended to them before.

Following that, it is vital that you procure the help and assistance of an experienced real estate lawyer who can help you counter any fraudulent or illegal deals. Not only that, but real estate lawyers are experienced and boast the practices performing legal documentation, processing, authentication, and so much more.  It is the thought of Asaf Izhak Rubin that working without a real estate lawyer by your side, you can become subject to the nightmare of the real estate markets.

Fraudulent Title Documents and Authentication

Title documents refer to papers that suggest the legal ownership of a real estate asset. When you are set out to purchase a property and begin negotiation, one of the first things that you pay attention to is the title document. Without knowing that the person selling you the property is the rightful owner, you may as well be writing the losses for yourself.

But how can you differentiate between an authentic and false title document? Asaf Izhak Rubin says that if you don’t have the experience and knowledge, a real estate lawyer might be the go-to option in such a case. Not only can they authenticate the documents but also ensure that there aren’t any future disputes or issues regarding the ownership of the property.


Conclusively, it is worth mentioning that real estate lawyer can do more than which is written above. In fact, they can perform various other important and highly sensitive matters of the real estate market deals and transactions. Moreover, not having a real estate lawyer puts you on the awful edge of experiencing heavy losses and encountering frauds.

As Asaf Izhak Rubin emphasizes, real estate lawyers shouldn’t’ be an option when it comes to dealing in the real estate markets. In fact, it should be a mandatory practice to team up with a seasoned real estate lawyer.

Why pay more for hiring a heavy digger?

Heavy diggers are useful pieces of equipment, which are used for demolition, grading, landscaping, excavating, digging, and earth moving. The various kinds of backhoes and excavators are some of the common types of heavy diggers. They are essential in any construction site. However, most contractors opt to hire heavy diggers instead of buying them since the equipment is quite expensive. The operational costs of using a heavy digger are still high even after hiring it. Here are the ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger.


  1. Compare Various Hire Companies

Choosing a heavy digger hire company with competitive prices is the best way to save costs. Although several firms have the same heavy diggers, there is a difference in their rental rates. Some are cheaper to rent than others. Therefore, take time to compare the costs of a couple of companies before choosing one. Ensure that you get the best rates as you do so.


Choose a hiring service with flexible packages. 

Select a company that has different types of equipment. If you require a bulldozer and excavator and bulldozer, sourcing them from one company would work out cheaper than opting for two various service providers.

Ensure that the company includes equipment attachments with the package. Having attachments like grading blades, grapples, buckets, and augurs will save you precious time searching for these items after the hire. Also, if you hire them separately, you will be charged extra.


Ask for quotes, and go with one that meets all your requirements needs at realistic prices after comparing your companies against these factors.


  1. Get a Serviced Digger

Can you imagine the scenario if the hired heavy digger ends up breaking down mid-operation? You can end up spending hundreds of Euros above the hire price to repair the digger. Hiring a serviced digger helps you avoid this. The equipment hire company should inspect, repair, as well as service the digger before hiring it to you. To ensure that all the parts are working perfectly, be present during the inspections.


Pay close attention to areas such as the controls, attachment system, electrical system, undercarriage, and hydraulic system. Make sure that all fluids have been changed. You will avoid incurring repairs that aren’t entirely your fault once the equipment is repaired and serviced.


  1. Hire an Experienced Operator

You can save money in the long run by hiring an operator, even though it might seem like an unnecessary additional cost. Some companies that offer heavy diggers for hire offer you the option of paying more, for example, £200, to rent the equipment with an operator. You can reduce the hire cost in the long run by taking advantage of this package.


A skilled operator will complete the work faster than you would, particularly if you do not have the skills required to operate a digger. Experienced operators also save you unnecessary downtime by eliminating mistakes that result from incompetence. Also, you will not be liable for the damages if you hire a company operator and they damage the equipment. In such a scenario, the hiring company will have to bear the cost.


Final Thoughts

Plant hire is an essential service in all construction and earthmoving projects. When hiring a heavy digger, have these tips in mind. For all your equipment hire needs contact us at FGS Plant. Our flexible packages and competitive prices will suit the requirements of every contractor. Talk to us today for a free quote and let us handle all your digger hire needs.


Ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger