Many have been caught on the crossroad of whether to own a brick or a log home. Well, it majorly depends on your financial capability and preferences. What I have done in this article is to try and compare the two just to widen your scope.


If you are considering the time factor, a log cabin is faster to construct compared to a brick home. Brick homes require laying one brick at a time which may take long according to the number of laborers.

Construction Cost

Many ask which is cheaper, brick or log home. When you look at the cost from the expertise point of view, a brick layer is more expensive than a wood specialist.

Maintenance cost

Bricks are relatively durable with a low maintenance cost. Depending on the contractor you higher, construction cost is relative for both brick and log homes. Log homes, unlike their brick counterparts, require regular fumigation to keep away pests.

Aesthetic Value and appearance

The sophistication and appearance of both brick and log homes entirely depend on the craftsmanship employed. Employing experienced contractors would ensure the aesthetic value for either home you choose. The East Texas custom home builders boasts of having experienced craftsmen to give your preferred home type an exquisite exterior and interior finish.


Your choice of setting up a brick or log home highly depends on the location in question. The climate, surrounding and condition of the land dictates which type of home can be put up in that location. Log cabins would be perfect for an area that constantly undergo erosions that destroy bricks. Moreover, log cabins are more suitable for hot climate regions due to their poor insulation.

These aspects might influence your decision but there you would still need to consult the experts. However, there is still need to have an in-depth professional opinion just to ensure you choose the best possible option.