7 Different Types of Carpentry Work

Carpentry is a physically active, yet rewarding job. Experts in carpentry repair services offer different kinds of work that involves several skills and requirements. Understanding the different types of carpentry and their area of specialization gives you a better understanding about this line of work and helps you make an informed decision if a career in carpentry is right for you.

Carpentry repair service providers offer different kinds of carpentry services. These include

  1. Ship Carp|entry

As the name implies, ship carpentry are experts in building ships. They build customized ships designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of their clients, both structurally and aesthetically. If you are looking to build a ship with your own unique design or need a replica of an existing ship, you can rest assured that ship carpentry experts will not fail to deliver.

  1. Rough Carpentry

Rough carpenters are experts in maintaining the structural integrity of a building. They are less concerned with home-use additions like cabinets or shelving units. They specialize in constructing framing, roofing, and wooden structures involved in either house repair or initial building. Experts in this sector are more knowledgeable about structural integrity.

  1. Framer

These carpenters specialize in building framing for residential and commercial buildings. The framer is only known for frameworks. Most time, he is often individually hired for lone projects or contract.

  1. Trim Carpentry

When it comes to trims and moldings construction, trim carpenters are your go to expert. These carpenters use specific materials for their projects. This include cornices, skirting boards, mantles and architraves, just to name a few. The two most common trim carpentry categories include

  • Green carpentry: These experts abducts only environmentally friendly practices. Anything that has to do with improving the green space, including garden installations.

  • Scenic carpentry: This area specializes in carpentry involving scenic buildings. They are experts in constructing lovely buildings that can serve diverse purposes.

  1. Cabinet Carpentry

Cabinetry is not a task for just about any carpenter. There are experts who are dedicated to this line of work. Cabinet makers specialize in building cabinets for laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of the building you’d like to beautify with cabinetry. These experts also get involved in colorful woodworking projects such as patio furniture and indoor furniture sets.

  1. Joist Carpentry

These experts construct floor joists. They are more focused on the durability and structural integrity of the building. Joist construction jobs are more complex and requires great attention to detail.

  1. Roofer

These experts deal with carpentry jobs that pertains to the roof. They are responsible for building and maintaining the rafters, trusses and beams involved in roof construction. These experts keep your roof highly functional and in great shape. They make sure that the roof are structurally sound.

You should be wary of a carpenter who is a jack of all trades for your carpentry repair services. Depending on the type of carpentry job you are looking for, always go with a specialist – one who specializes in the project.