5 natural stones – How to decorate your living room with natural stones

A rainbow appears different to 2 people viewing it, yet the same happiness at the sight of it envelops both the viewers. A similar feeling can be said of natural stone – no two pieces are identical, and yet the presence of a combined natural stone apparition is beautiful!  The varieties of natural stone are numerous, and some can be intermingled with decorations for your living room. The experienced marble suppliers in London will be able to guide you with suggestions.


Some options are given below, using 5 types of natural stone to decorate a living room:


Granite:  One usually assumes granite with kitchen countertops, but the versatility of granite can make it look good elsewhere too.  It can be used for flooring, and the choice of design and colours can blend with the furniture and fittings.  Granite is heat resistant and ideal for a fireplace mantel.  Being heat and scratch-resistant, it makes an attractive surface for a coffee table top or the base of a glass-topped table. To add a statement piece to your living room, what better than a granite clock?


Marble:  It can enhance the total appearance of a room with its elegance and the vast array of colours to choose from.  For flooring with style, the marble would be the answer.  There are options for a polished, glossy surface or a matte natural style as well as a mix and match of tiles which can blend attractively. It also reflects light and therefore, can make a room appear larger than it is.  It is ideal for wall cladding in various ways.  A horizontal layered effect is attractive; by protruding some of the tiles, a 3-dimensional effect is created.  Wall cladding can be done with multiple colours in an assortment of patterns and finishes, with the pieces placed horizontally or vertically.  A combination of polished and natural finishes will combine a rustic and elegant appearance.  A light stone tabletop with a thinly sliced marble slab not only adds grace to the room but is practical as well.  It can also be used as a base for a glass-topped table.  Marble artefacts like a lampstand, candle holder or vase will add colour and ambience to the room. The marble suppliers in London can guide you with their expertise.


Limestone:  is versatile and with varied textures – smooth to grainy.  It comes in a variety of colours and can be easily carved to the exact shape and size required.  Its natural beauty will complement the room.  Much of the best limestone is available in the UK itself, and so it is cost-effective where transportation is concerned.  It is most effective in a fireplace and works with all types of fire – gas, electric and even open grates and wood-burning stoves.  Even if a working fireplace is not required, an ornamental limestone fireplace can stand out in the living room.   Since limestone comes in slab form, it can be created into just the size you desire for your coffee tabletop or side/end tables.


Slate:  is excellent for flooring material.  It is naturally stained and slip-resistant.  It cannot be damaged easily by fire or water.  Due to these qualities, it is considered the safest for flooring.  It is also suitable for wall cladding.  There are various grades of quality and the strongest, obtained from deep under the earth, is quite expensive. The lesser quality is also available at more feasible prices.


Quartz:  provides a sparkle to the area where it is fixed, as the quartz within the stone causes the light to bounce off it. It is suitable for wall cladding, and since it has an interlocking design, the wall seems seamless and natural.  It can also be used for artefacts like clocks and wall hangings.  It is quick and easy to instal.


The assets of natural stone are well known – durability, strength, resilience, easy to clean and low maintenance. Natural stones are beautiful and elegant.  Each piece is unique, and they can be blended to form an artistic design which will not be repeated anywhere.   They are good sound insulators – an added benefit for flooring or wall cladding. The addition of natural stone fixtures to a room leads to a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.  Space will not only look classic and modern but will still have a cosy, warm ambience.  Another benefit is that the property value will escalate with the use of natural stones.


So, why not add a “rainbow” to your living room with the use of natural stones?